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How would you like to save 200 to 300 Work Hours per year? Are  you and your staff spending hours creating reports, looking up information or  calculating statistics? Do you need software built to your specific requirements?  Then you need experts available to help you do more than just the basics.  Anyone can create a spreadsheet, document or database but it takes someone  with proven skills and expertise to make these programs fit your requirements.  Contact The Programmer Guy if you need help in creating custom Databases,  Spreadsheets, Presentations, Word Processing Documents, Reports, Charts, Microsoft  SQL or   MySQL applications. As a Certified Microsoft Office Specialist, The Programmer Guy can  provide whatever custom software development your business requires.  You may not have the time and expertise to create that database, modify those macros or convert your  spreadsheets into a database. So, contact The Programmer Guy and let an expert  create that application for you, quickly, effectively and cheaply.  The Programmer Guy also specializes in creating custom Microsoft Windows and  Web Applications. With over 30 years of programming experience and a full  range of development tools, our custom applications offer powerful user  friendly features and give true Turnkey solutions. Off the shelf software  may not be available to track all your specific data or it comes at a price  too expensive to buy or modify. So, let The Programmer Guy create a  custom application that fits your needs, without breaking your wallet.  Whether you need a single user application or an enterprise wide, dynamic WEB application,   we’ll  work with you to identify the real needs and day-to-day tasks that drive your project, your department, or  your company. Before, during, and after development we’ll offer advice, answer questions, demonstrate  the application, suggest new solutions, and give technical support as needed.    Call (226) 984-1370 to discuss the creation of a custom Microsoft Office application that will make your business data easy to track, and reporting customized for your business needs.
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