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Custom Database Development
MS Office Software Training
Here at the Programmer Guy we specialize in custom programming for client-server database applications. Our main tools for development include Microsoft Access, Microsoft VB.NET, Visual Basic Programming Language and SQL. Our Mission Statement is to Design, Create and Implement the most efficient Custom Application a Customer requires. Complete no-risk proposal and project estimates are provided. Larger projects are completed in phases and milestones for maximum control, economy, and predictability. Projects updates are supplied on an ongoing basis. Any custom built application is totally owned by the customer. This means that the customer gets full access to source code for whatever application the Programmer Guy creates and can be completely modified by the customer if they so choose. The Programmer Guy will meet any of your needs for technical and user documentation for systems we develop, from simple printed instructions or detailed Windows help file to full onsite classroom training. We offer technical support on an hourly or contract basis, along with graphic design and layout for your completed applications, manuals, and related materials. The Programmer Guy goes beyond simply writing the code: we work with you to identify the real needs and day-to-day work that drive your project, your department, or your company. We work with you before, during, and after development, offering advice, answering questions, demonstrating the program, suggesting new solutions, and giving technical support as needed. Key Benefits User Friendly, low learning curve for new users Time Saving Low Cost for Development and Maintenance Easy Migration to larger database environments such as SQL or Oracle One Click Reporting Cost Saving Data Analysis Internet/Intranet Capabilities Client-Server Multi-User Pricing Pricing may vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. For most custom made applications the development cost range from $85/hour to $100/hour Canadian.
If you need training on any Microsoft Office application, the Programmer Guy offers full day, half day, onsite or classroom training on all major Microsoft software applications. Complete hands-on structural training including re-enforcement exercises for each category of topics. From introductory through to advance levels. Key Benefits Free 90 day support on all topics taught Experienced Trainers Courseware Included Hands-On Exercises